Week 7

This week I interviewed my grandmother because I did not know much about her past so this was a good way to learn about her childhood and the world that was around her. I knew she would be the best to interview about because she lived through hard economic times such as the Great Depression and WWII. She said that her family had to be very careful with their money because of high inflation during her childhood. She actively supports the ASPCA because her family had many pets when she was growing up. In her adult life she had 8 dogs and loved them dearly. Every month she donates to this organization to help prevent animal cruelty. My grandmother loves giving to charities like the ASPCA because she know that she is making a difference in the lives of humans and pets. I asked her what serious problem she would fix today. Like many other elderly people would answer she said it is the communication among the youth of today. We only communicate through texting when back in her childhood they would have face to face contact for all conversations. She thinks it is very important for children to get out and interact with different people in the world rather the talking and solving problems through a phone. I asked her how one can have a joyful and fulfilling life. She said it is all about finding a job that you choose because it makes you happy rather than for the paycheck. Everyday you should wake up happy to go to work. Many wealthy people are very unhappy because of the stress that they go through at work. It was very interesting to interview my grandmother because I got a point of view from living in some of the hardest times in our country. Somehow she found a way to have a joyful and fulfilling life.

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