Week 7

WE GOT RAINED OUT! Our meeting was cancelled this week because of an upcoming storm that actually passed us without any damage. Although I was really looking forward to this meeting because one of the representatives I contacted was going to be there, I’m happy we’re all safe! I am also extatic to anounce that as of Sunday March 9 2014 The Medical Miracles group has raised 385$! I am soooo proud because all of our ideas a week ago centered around fundraising in school (we were going to make over 350$ by selling bagels during break) and as we all know we aren’t allowed to fundraise in school anymore ;( . Because our big ideas to fundraising victory was cancelled, these 385$ seem even sweeter!

I’m looking forward to meeting the representatives I have invited and seeing you all at the next meetings- if it doesn’t rain ofcourse 🙂

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