Week 6

This week, our fist panel of non-profit organization executives came to speak to our class. I felt that all of the organizations’ mission statements somewhat matched our group’s mission statement. Although some organizations specifically deal with children or food, I feel that all of the organizations were able to reach out to families.  I thought that all of the executives were passionate about what their organizations do and they did not hesitate to inform us about all aspects of their organization. I enjoyed that they also told us about what we could do to reach out to their organizations by volunteering. These organizations will most definitely be considered for our group’s final donation.

The topic of fundraising has become a lot more complicated over the past few weeks. The fundraising activities that we planned to do, we can no longer enact because school fundraising is now prohibited. My group and I are discussing what other options we have because we cannot let this little obstacle keep us from fulfilling our goal.

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