Week 6

I really liked hearing about the different organizations from the panel last week. Although the organizations’ focus did not correspond with my group’s focus, I felt that they all were worthy causes with compelling messages. I especially liked Feeding South Florida. Their situation is interesting; they have the capacity to accept more food but they lack a way to distribute it. It’s amazing to think how these donations can have such a big impact on the community and how they can go towards such diverse areas (homelessness, hunger, kids/families in need).

On to fundraising… My group is in quite the predicament. We had our fundraisers approved and were implementing/preparing to implement them when we were told that we could no longer do anything through/at school and had to shut them down. We could have easily met our goals if we were allowed to finish the fundraisers, so unfortunately we are now back to square one. We have several new ideas but it will be tough to organize them in the short amount of time we have left. It’s crunch time! but we  are determined and  we WILL raise at least $300 and meet (or hopefully surpass) our goals.

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