week 5

There are many ways to evaluate wether or not your investment into an organization is smart and worth while. While doing this you can decide if your money is going to the cause or is it used just to pay bills and stay afloat? You can also determine wether or not the organization is going to get through till the next year or if they are on the edge of bankruptcy. That being said its still a difficult process. Although the organization doesn’t look the best on paper but you know they use their money well and they were so kind to you and their cause hits home you can decide to look past the 990’s and still donate. The way you feel towards the organization is the most important thing and factor into your decision for your investment.

When I asked my parents if they donate regularly they didn’t have any large investments anywhere. Their investments include the BASH in the benjamin school and other local things just here and there. Their money is put towards education and whatever is left over goes to the community although recently my mother traveled to Morocco and fundraised to install a plumbing system for a local school in the desert. This was her way for giving back, not only with her time but thats the top priority the school had and my mother funded the project.

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