Week 6

This week we had four organizations present what they do in our meeting. Although neither one of these organizations had anything to do with my topic, I was still very interested. It’s a very different experience sitting behind the desk and having to judge someone on their body language and the words they use to describe their organization in the short amount of time that they have. All of the organizations that had showed up Thursay had something to do with with childrent that are neglected, hungry or both. Hearing information about these terrible thinks that happen in our community really makes me thankful for the family and the possiblities that I have.

Moving on from the sad things in our community: I am very happy to say that our fundraising is very well on it’s way and will, for the most part, be finished this wednesday at noon. As the biggest part of our fundraiser we are selling bagels during our morning break period. I am very excited because I know that is when we will be making most of our money, I also really want to buy a bagel right now.

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