Week 6

This week was very inspiring and helpful in the process of choosing our organization to support. It was heart warming to hear about all of the families and children that these organizations have helped in our community. I didn’t realize that there were so many homeless and hungry people living in Palm Beach County. Our group was very impressed with Feeding South Florida because that is our main focus. They lived up to our standards and it is a good bet that we will give our money to them. Feeding South Florida fit our mission perfectly which is to raise awareness of hunger and supply food to the poor. They are very financially stable and they seem to have a really strong leadership team. I will definitely recommend this organization to other groups in the Philanthropy class. My┬áteam’s fundraising is going pretty well. Our classmates have been very willing to donate to a cause such as hunger. I have told many of my friends about Feeding South Florida and they think that it is a great cause. I have never really done fundraising in a group before so the philanthropy class is really teaching me how to work together with my fellow group members in order to support a great cause. We will continue with our fundraising throughout the next few weeks and hopefully go above and beyond our fundraising goal.


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