Week 5

During class this week, we learned about the different methods of evaluating investments into companies and organizations. We learned that quantitative analysis is very important because you need to know that your money is going straight into the cause you car about. It is also important that the organization can make the money last for awhile so that you know your money is being allocated wisely. However, quantitative analysis is not the only way you can decide how to invest. You must also consider qualitative aspects of the organization. It is important for an investor to see that the organization wants the money. If they are eager to communicate with you regarding an investment, then you know that they really appreciate the help. If they feel like you are taking up their time, then clearly they aren’t representing their non-profit well, and don’t really want the money. Perhaps the most important qualitative characteristic of an organization is how they manage leadership. If the organization has extremely strong leadership, then chances are the organization is going to operate very efficiently and orderly. If the organization has lackluster leaders, then the organization as a whole will give of an uninspired feeling, and will probably run in a very disorganized fashion. Good leaders will make sure the investment is put to good use and they will never skip out on an opportunity to help their cause. This quality in a good leader will surely inspire other employees and volunteers to feel the same way. It is very clear that qualitative characteristics are just as important as the quantitative ones.

In regards to the organizations I have researched, I have found it very easy to evaluate some non profits. As I have mentioned before, The Center for Family Services of Palm Beach County is clearly doing something right. When I ¬†look at their website, everything is very organized and their tax forms are readily available on the internet. This organization’s mission is clear right when you open the home page of the website. (http://www.ctrfam.org)¬†This website includes a photo gallery right on the home page that shows that the organization values its volunteers and makes a difference in children and their families’ lives. The executives are also very easy to contact and extremely eager to listen to interested investors. They are clearly passionate for what they do, and this comes across even on a simple phone call or email. These qualitative characteristics as well as the excellent financial position of the organization makes The Center for Family Services of definite interest for our group.

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