Week 5

So far we have learned about the quantitative and qualitative ways to evaluate an investment in a company. Some of the options are looking at the companies reliability, past history, friendliness and the overall dollar value that they have committed to serving their purpose. Before the philanthropy class, I never really thought about many of the various ways to chose a company. I would have just chosen the company that has made the biggest impact in the community. But now I look at many different factors to those companies. I believe that the qualitative factors are most important because you want to make sure that you are working with someone who wants to work with you. I do not want to give my money to someone who is nasty and arrogant. I would like to donate my money to an organization who is happy to have my business and will work with me in a friendly manner.

It was difficult to find the right organization for hunger at first. My group had a hard time finding enough information about each one until we found PBC Food Bank. As of now we are pretty sure that this is the right organization for us. We have many questions to ask the representative if they come to speak to us and if it all goes well than we will probably give our money to them.

I asked my dad about how he chooses an organization to support and donate to. He said that he first looks at what the organization supports. He is a doctor so he usually supports the organizations that have to do with medical research and he health people. He then makes his decision based on how much his donation really effects the purpose. He does not want his money just sitting there while the organization waits to find a purpose for it. He wants his money to have an immediate effect on the people that he wants to help.


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