Week 4

While researching different organizations, I have continued to learn more and more about my cause. My group is still split on which aspect of hospitals and healthcare we would like to give the money we raise to. Half of us would like to fund raise for the research side of healthcare, while the other half is leaning toward giving the money directly to a hospital or organization that helps people in need of special medical care. We have been doing research on Scripps and we contacted Max Planck to learn more about those organizations.

Before making an investment, it is essential to look at the numbers of an organization. You have to look at how many years the organization has been around and how successful they have been. ┬áThe Form 990’s are really helpful because they allow you to see the amount of money that an organization actually gives to its cause. It also shows how much money goes to the employees and the leaders of the organization. The forms are really useful because they show how efficient the non profits are, and this information can help us choose which one we want to give the money we raise to.

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