Savannah Logan

For week 4, I called and emailed three organizations that are centered around Autism. Some of them are kind of far away, in the Miami-Dade area, for example, so I am not sure if they will actually have the time to come into class. However, making the calls, I felt like we had taken the next step in accomplishing our goals.

I learned a lot about these organizations not only from their websites, but also from researching their Form 990s. For example, I noticed that one received significant grants and donations in 2012 and those covered much more than their expenses. I think it is important to look at the numbers on these forms before making an investment because they give us an idea of where our money would be going, if the organization truly is in need of the money, and how efficient the organization is with their funds.

Below are the organizations that I contacted and for which I found Form 990s.

autism society appbc pbsfa

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