Week 4

This week me and my group called our organization: Children’s Home society. We did not talk to them personally because it went to voice mail but we did send an email. They actually just returned our email and asked when would be a good time to come and talk to the class! It is really exciting to learn a lot about our organization and really engage in this project!

I learned other things about the other groups.  Izzy Grabel contacted Mrs. Anderson, Monica’s mom, who tutors hatian children in West Palm Beach.  This organization is called Hands together and I personally have actually taken part in this! Also Nicole and Monica came up with the idea and are pursuing it: to have a car wash to raise money for their cause. Lastly, Trevor Ross wants to raise money by holding a 5K and bake sale! Of course he need to get this noticed by the school but such a  great idea! All together our classmates are so creative and know what lie ahead of them. It is great to see their visions coming true!


It is important to look at the number before making an investment because one can see the progress of the company and their tax returns. This information can be found on the 990 forms which we learned about in class.

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