Trevor Ross

Last week we learned how to review a form 990 and use this information to our advantage. I especially liked being able to see a company’s sustainability. This allows me to see how long a company will be able to sustain itself if all revenue were cut off and they had to spend money from their liquid(cash) money. This is definitely a factor when determining which company or foundation to invest in because one must be able to invest in something that will last. I don’t want to invest in a company that can only sustain itself for half a month because then it will be likely to fail and my investment becomes wasted.

I have begun planning the 5k walk/run in which we plan to raise money. I really think this will be a success because my mom recently had to raise money for the Dana Farber Foundation so she could run in the Boston Marathon. She did not organize a 5k, but had researched many ways to raise money and found that a 5k was both a fun and effective way to raise money for a cause. Cannot wait to continue working hard next week!

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