Week 4

This week, we continued contacting and researching organizations. I learned many things from the organizations’ websites as well as specific executives that work for the non-profits. The 990 for The Center for Family Service of Palm Beach County revealed that the organization was financially stable and devoting funds to the right programs. The program ratio for the organization was 90.7% meaning that over 9o% of total expenses were allocated to programs by the organization. The management ratio was 4.6%, and the fundraising ratio was 4.2%. In class, we learned about tax returns and how they can provide us with information about their financial stability. I thought it was actually interesting to look at an official tax document because I had never seen one before. I learned that these  tax returns can tell you how long the organization can survive without funding, how much money is devoted to the actual cause of the organization, and how much money is devoted to paying employees or fundraising projects. It is very important to look at these numbers on the tax form because when making an investment, you want to make sure the money will last, and the organization won’t fail.


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