Week 5

This week we learned about the different ways to judge an organization. We were able to receive the 990 forms of Hands Together, an educational institution for Haitians in Palm Beach County run by Mrs. Anderson, Monica’s mom. While reviewing the form, Hands Together scored a 12/15. Our group was very happy with the score, but it would have been even higher if it weren’t for it’s low sustainability. However, we realized that their sustainability is low because most of their money comes from donors. As long as the organization knows that they will always have a consistent amount of donors, we are not worried about their sustainability. We learned that a foundation should not only be judged by calculated quantities, but also qualitative characteristics such as leadership and communication skills. I believe that qualitative characteristics are just as important as quantitative values, if not more important. Our group is happy with the idea of donating the money we raise to Hands Together, but we are still exploring others. I think we are going to do the car wash at the Ale House this weekend. Ale House has already approved of this, we just need to make sure we have all the supplies we need. I talked to my parents about the charities they donate to. They said that they actually donate a lot through the Benjamin School. For example, our school has many food, clothes, and toy drives for organizations like Toys for Tots. In addition, every year at Christmas time, we ┬áparticipate in Adopt a Family and choose a family to buy holiday gifts for. It is interesting to see that my parents learned of most of the charities they donate to from the school. This leads me to think that maybe our group should try to also raise money through the school.

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