Week 10

The last week, the last trip, and the biggest reward.  Throughout the past nine weeks our class has gained a more fuller and better understanding of what philanthropy is about and how it functions.  We delivered three checks to different charities and facilities.  Each place we went, we were met with so much warmth and kindness.  Philanthropy has allowed me to see the importance of gratitude.  Everyone has different situations and conditions, sometimes they are challenging, but all people need is a helping hand.

Week Two

Last Thursday everyone was assigned their official projects and groups.  I am working on Hunger with Hannah, Casey and Brandon.  Each one of us were asked to bring in a brown paper bag filled with three items that tell the story of our lives.  By doing this exercise I was able to reflect on my life and three things came to my mind: my family, hometown and favorite place; so I brought in a picture of my seven month old niece, a Metro Card from the city, and a shell.  I chose to bring in a picture of my niece because I am very close with my family and they will always be a huge part of my life.  The Metro Card represented my childhood in NY; I have a lot of close friends and good memories there.  The last item that I brought in was a shell because the beach is my favorite place to go.  Through this exercise I was able to get to know my group members better.  Each person had many unique stories and memories that define who they are.  It was nice to see that everyone is really hard-working and is prepared to make a difference.  We are unsure of what fundraiser we want to do, but we have all begun to look into different ideas.

Week One

Earlier this week we were asked to do an activity with the MAD cards as both, an individual, and with a partner.  Through this exercise I realized that the things I grew up with have had a larger impact on me than I understood.  I chose three cards: hunger, children and youth services, and health research and education.  I chose each card carefully, but it was difficult to decide which causes are most important because they all affect someone.  Ultimately the three categories I picked were because of my background and the things that have personally touched my life.  Through this exercise I have become more aware of my classmates pasts and lives.  Everyone has clearly had many powerful influences in their lives and it was nice to hear their stories.  I hope to become more aware of the needs of my community and how I can better it by participating in Main Street Philanthropy.  I know that it has already made me reflect on my life and how fortunate I am, so I am very thankful for this opportunity.