Week 1 Entry

I found it much easier to pick three of  out of the six “mad” cards then I initially thought. I assume this was because the three thing I chose have had a major impact on my life in some way.  The first card I chose was arts and culture. I chose this because the visual and performing arts have been part of my life for as long as I can remember.  With out them I truly believe that I would not be the person I am today. To think that some children will never have the opportunity to perform or be able to be express them self in a creative way makes me think how fortunate I am and makes me want to help programs thats give this privilege to people. The next one I chose was veterans and services personals. The reason why this one stood out to me so much was because of my grandpa. He fought in Vietnam and without the VA hospital he probably would not be here today. Institutions like these help make life easier and better for men and women that risk their lives. Lastly I chose children and youth services. The reason behind this is because as a teen I know that’s sometimes we don’t get a chose. The children in these services don’t chose to be but need them in order to survive. I think all of the cards are important and should be funded but if it solely up to me these would be the ones I would chose.