Purpose, vision, mission

In creating our purpose, vision, and misson, I was forced to consider how we are going to go about this efort and why exactly. Before doing this activity, I knew my group would be raising money for a medical cause but that was it. Now that I know our desired vision more specifically,  I  can begin to brainstorm ideas of where I might be interested in donating our funds. My group decided that our team’s purpose is to serve our community by supporting local hospitals to help people who need medical attention. Our vision is to change someone’s life by helping them afford medical care. Finally, some steps in our mission were to get in contact with local organizations to narrow down which one we will donate to, to organize our fundraising projects, and to raise as much money possible. We were considering calling St. Judes Children’s Hospital or the Scripps Research Institute. I particularly wsa interested in Scripps because it is more familliar to me. First of all, I knwo the location. I’m positive that there is a Scripps in Jupiter that could definately be an option for donating because I know two people who interned there over the summer and I heard great reviews. One of the two people is my sister’s bestfriend (who I have also known my whole life) and she told me that she contacted someone in charge at Scripps herself, instead of going through the system for student interns like everyone else does and she was actually successful in doing so and was able to work with a scientist, doing experiments on the brains of rats. She said it was truly fascinating and she learned a lot. She is now in college as a pre-med student, and plans to be a neurosurgeon. Point being that I am confident that Scripps would likely be interested in engaging with students after hearing her experiences there.

Scripps Research Institute

I’m not quite sure yte what to expect when reaching out to organizations, but probably many different reactions. I think there are many places to investigate so I am anxious to meet with my group and decide which ones we are going to call.

Week 2

I learned many things about my classmates from the brown paper bag activity. I am in a group with Agne, Julia, Liz and Caroline and our group will be working with Hospitals and Medical Care. In my brown bag, I brought a Dr. Seuss books, a seashell with the brochure of a hotel, and a ribbon from Conferencia (Spanish competition). The Dr. Seuss book was my favorite book as a child and is something that I feel has stayed with me and is a part of life because it’s one of the things I remember from my childhood. The seashell and hotel brochure are from St.John, which is an island that I go to with my family every summer and we have been going there for the past 7 years. St.John will always be a place with many memories throughout my life and hopefully will remain a part of my summer every year. Finally, the Conferencia ribbon represents the Spanish language as a part of me because my father lives in Mexico and speaks Spanish along with many of my relatives on his side of the family and I also understand Spanish very well and hope to become fluent one day. Listening to my group present their items, I learned that Agne likes candles and collects music boxes, also that she is from Lithuania. Caroline has older siblings in college and also loves the beach and lives to travel. Julia loves art and enjoys being active, and she also plays the piano. Liz likes to travel and she goes to the same place every year and gets a new charm for her charm bracelet every year.
Our team fundraiser has not been decided yet but we have some ideas. We were thinking about maybe selling food at some of the lacrosse games at school or having a bake sale at some other place but we still have to discuss the logistics.

An eye-opener

After only the first MSP meeting, my perspective was broadened a lot more than I would have expected. Using the MAD cards made me stop for a second, and think about all of the people that have a much harder life than I can imagine. I believe that most of my classmates I have always been somewhat aware of many of the problems and struggles going on in the world today, but it’s really easy to get caught up in our own personal lives and forget that we are not the only people on this planet who matter. I know that I, for one, tend to focus on my concerns in my life, often times neglecting to acknowledge that my concerns are not the only ones and certainly not the worst ones out there. Before doing the card activity, I was previously aware that I was passionate about helping people in hospitals and helping children, but one thing that surprised me about myself was that the “Environmental Protection” card made it to my final three. Looking through the choices, I selected the environmental card because I realized that one of my favorite ways to serve the community is by cleaning beaches. The main reason for this is because I can see the results instantaneously, looking back at a cleaner view, but I had never really thought about that until last Thursday. I also learned a lot about many of my peers having heard which cards they selected. I think I got to know each person’s personality a little better because the cards we chose said a lot about who we are.

I hope to become more helpful to my community and gain experience doing service projects. I am also looking forward to learning the business aspect of philanthropy and practicing with tax returns.