Week Two

I learned a lot about my partners this week through the brown paper bag activity.  I think that it is important to get to know the people in our group because we will have to be working with them for the duration of the project.  We have a lot of adversity in our group (education) and that will help us with fundraising and partnership in the long run.  JT is very hands on, plays baseball and is very patriotic.  Izzy loves dogs, grew up in Florida and loves photography.  Mona loves TV, chocolate and is close with her family.  Nick loves rice (representing his Cuban heritage), music, and living in Florida.  Each person in our group has something unique quality that they have brought to the table.  We have a wide variety of talents and backgrounds that will hopefully allow our group to be successful in our fundraising in the long run.  It will  be the combination of our talents as well as our abilities to work together that will make our group successful in raising money for one common cause: education.

Week 1 Blog Entry

The MAD cards opened my eyes to the potential for philanthropy and community service projects in my own local area. At first, the pile looked daunting; there were so many cards and only three could make the final list. However, once I started to look through the cards, I realized that I truly had a personal connection with some areas of community service work. When I was younger, my mom used to drag me to work with her every single day. She was a speech pathologist at Title 1 schools in Miami. Part of her job required her to listen to the students’ speech, and usually her students would tell stories about their home lives. It was through these student’s stories that I began to realize how truly lucky I was and how much opportunity school provides for children who may not live in stable homes. I never fully realized that I carried this attitude about the importance of education and schools until I saw that topic on the MAD cards. I learned that others, too, have very personal connections to the things that they feel strongly about. It is the use of these personal connections that translates into effective philanthropy. It is always important to dedicate yourself to something you feel passionate about, and philanthropy is no different. There are so many good causes that can use help, and hopefully the variety of experiences we all bring to the table can allow us to dedicate ourselves and contribute to these areas in ways that other cannot. After all, in philanthropy it is not about ourselves as philanthropists, but about the causes we dedicate ourselves to.