Week 4

I learned more about the money and  work that goes into a simple organization.  There is a lot more that no one knows about and it makes me appreciate all the organizations around.  It has been difficult finding more organizations because what we have realized is that educational institutions is a hard category because of how specific it is.  We have one organization that fits what we are looking at but we still need to look at the numbers.   It is important to look at the numbers because you do not want to donate money to a company that would use it for purposes you don’t find necessary.  Also companies that have to pay a lot of people seem less appealing to me because money we donate should go to the actual cause instead of people who work there.  I am still trying to locate the 990 form for one of our organizations then i will calculate the numbers with the system we learned.

Week 3

My experience in creating our Purpose, Vision, and Mission statement was quite simple.  It is not hard trying to find what will appeal to people because I and the other people in my group are ‘the people’ it is supposed to appeal to.   Working together with my group-mates just showed me that we are all in the group we fit in best because it was not hard coming up with the purpose, vision, and mission statements.  I think I am going to encounter denials and interest.  It is easy to be denied from big companies or organizations because they always have so much going on.  I expect to learn from each phone call though and learn how to be more comfortable speaking each and every time.  I also hope to encounter some surprising interest from some organizations that will give us options to choose from.

Week #2

The brown paper bag activity made me aware of the little, yet important, aspects of my classmates lives. It was an interesting activity to see the weird or fascinating aspects of people’s lives. There were many people who collected things that I didn’t even know were collectors items. It made me more aware of how different each person is. My group thought a little bit on how to raise money. A few fundraiser ideas arose: car wash, bake sales, etc. A larger idea to attempt to raise more money could be to go to business’s or church’s and try to get more people involved and more people donating. Ideally we could do multiple fundraisers. Hopefully we can sell necklace’s that our group agreed on and while selling them we could additionally sell snacks and drinks. We would not have to buy the necklace’s since they are already owned, so it would be all profit. This will hopefully be held within the next two weeks, early February. It is necessary to complete the first stage of our fundraising so that we can try to find business’s to match what we will raise. It is easier for me to figure out what appeals to people and what doesn’t because my mom has a non-profit organization which needs a lot of fundraising. To be completely successful with fundraising, you have to sell your charity while not seeming desperate but with the charity we are focusing on, it is hard for people to turn down. The category we have is educational institutions and the majority of people can agree that is a stepping stone for success so selling it to people shouldn’t be hard!

1st Blog Entry

The MAD cards opened my eyes about the world;  not that I didn’t know all these problems existed but seeing each and every card sitting in front of me made me realize these problems all occur at the same time every single day.  It is difficult seeing all the problems them realizing that I cannot choose all of them to work with but it is reassuring to know that everyone else feels the same way in the MAD group.  The more people who feel that the world we live in today constantly needs help then the more people who will be helped.  I learned that I would rather have more work to do and be more busy in life to be able to take up more community work and help more organizations.  It was very difficult in class to choose six issues nonetheless three.  While in my opinion there are a few things that can be eliminated from my list, it is good that those things might be on the top of someone else’s because everyone and everything needs helped.  The card that stuck out to me the most were the ones dealing with families, children, and education.  There are some things that seem very dominant in importance to get a family or child started on a good path for their life and that is what I would like to focus on in this program. I hope to gain more knowledge on what organizations stand for.  While I know what the big idea of some organizations or charities stand for, i don’t know everything.  I want to be able to see where the money goes because I know that is a problem for many people when donating money.  Some organizations end up using money to deal with stuff that doesn’t seem as relevant and I want to learn how to decipher the good organizations and the bad.   I also hope see where some places need more help than others.  In the first class, I was able to see that everyone in our group feels the same way that I did when picking the cards.  No one wanted to get rid of the “Child care” card because it seemed too heartless but then there were 15 other cards that made us feel the same way.   Activities where we share our opinions and experiences is more effective in showing why we picked a card or why we feel a specific way about something.