Week 3

This week we came up with a purpose, vision, and mission for our group. After having a group discussion, we said that Food Finders’, our team, purpose is to serve our community by eliminating hunger. We said that our vision statement is to raise enough money to make people’s current conditions easier when it comes to feeding their families and themselves. The first step of our mission has already been completed because we have researched local non-profit organizations that support concerns and causes with hunger. The top three organizations that we researched are Feeding South Florida, The Palm Beach County Food Bank, and LifeNet4Families. Our next step is to choose one of these organizations which we will complete by ¬†calling each organization to see which one we think will help us make a difference. Hopefully, I think each organization will be willing to work with us because we are doing them a favor by raising money for their organization. Although the representative is not going to expect me to ask to schedule a meeting with them, if he or she does not seem interested, then we will simply not work with that organization. The third step is to fundraise. Our ideas for fundraising are doing a bake sale, car wash, or collecting red solo cups. The fourth step is to stay in contact with the organization that we choose by either emailing or over the phone. The last step is to deliver the check that hopefully has more than $1,000 written on it.¬†Food Finders is really looking forward to work to raise money for people in need of food.

The picture attached is our motified team logo. It is a picture of an eye with different types of food in the pupil. The eye symbolizes our goal as a group to raise enough money to provide those in need with food.Unknown

Week 2

This week we were split into groups based on our personal interests. I was put in the hunger group with Hannah, Kiyo, and Brandon. I am happy with my group because I think we all can contribute and work together to raise more than $300.
While we were with our groups, we did the paper bag activity. The first item that I brought was a picture of my family because even though there is 5 siblings, we are all still very close. My second item was a picture of me playing volleyball because it is my hobby and it is what takes up most of my time. My third item was a picture my family and I dancing with children in Rwanda, Africa. I brought the picture from Rwanda because it was one of the most incredible experiences seeing the kids, dressed in costumes of garbage bags and sticks, happier than ever to be dancing with us.
I also learned a lot about the members in my group that I did not know before. Kiyo brought a metro card because she loves NYC, a shell because she loves the beach, and a picture of her niece because she loves to spend time with her. Brandon brought a Yankees keychain because he is a big fan, an M&M golfball because M&Ms are his favorite candy and golf is his hobby, and he brought chopsticks because he loves Chinese food. Hannah brought a picture of her and her 7 best friends because friendship is very important to her, a picture of her family in Israel because they are Jewish and she loves her family, and an apple because she loves NYC and she wants to go there for college.
Our team is still discussing what our fundraising will be but so far, we have a bake-sale in mind. As a group we are planning to raise over $300 to donate to an organization that deals with hunger for the ones who need it.

Values & Concerns

I enjoyed using the MAD Cards because it opened my eyes to see how many different fields there are in philanthropy. I chose educational institutions, hunger, and children and youth services because I think these are all very important essentials to life. It is important that every child, no matter the social class, has the opportunity to receive a formal education. From experience, I volunteer at a Haitian Center in West Palm with children in lower, middle, and high school who do not get a lot of attention at school. It is very sad to see that kids my age do not have half the math, reading, or writing skills that I have just because of lack of education. Hunger is also important because everyone obviously loves food and it is essential that everyone has the change to have at least one meal a day to stay healthy and energized. When I went to South Africa this past Summer, I had the opportunity to see how the locals live and unfortunately, how many hungry families there are. People begged and begged for food but we were told not to give any because if we gave to one person, everyone else would run over. This experience was life changing because it made me realize how I need to be more grateful for every meal I eat. My last topic was children and youth services. I chose this because I think it is terrible how children do not have a family to go home to after school or if they just do not want to go home because they are not happy at home. I have been to Place of Hope and I know a few kids who have been adopted from the organization. It is heartbreaking seeing the kids who are still staying at the house because they have not had the opportunity to move in with another family. I learned that my partner was mostly like myself. She chose the same topics as me because we both do a lot of community service together, including volunteering at the Haitian Center. I hope to gain more community involvement, helping others who are not as fortunate as myself, and to learn more about how philanthropy works.