Week 9

Last week when we delivered the checks to the local organizations it felt like all of our hard work paid off. Raising the money itself was a challenge that we didn’t expect and once we saw the faces of those that were receiving the money it made all the hair pulling and stress worth it. When actually visiting the places we spent weeks looking into and researching it put a place to the website. Actually visiting the places was much more realistic and heart warming than just looking on their 2D website. I recommend always visiting the place when you are preparing to donate. Knowing where our money was going also eased our thought and worries too. We wanted the money to directly go to the source and the people in need and once we visited, we realized and were assured that it would. Delivering the checks is something i could do over and over again and not get tired of it!

week 6

I was unfortunately sick for last weeks class but from what i’ve heard from fellow classmates it was a very interesting class and I am sad i missed it. Although if i were to be at the panel i believe that i would have learned the hard work and the dedication put into every one of the organizations. I would have faces to the company’s name and know directly where my money is going towards.

The fundraising activity is tricky. Since we cannot fundraise on campus we now have to re-brainstorm for ideas, and fast. We have learned that corresponding is difficult and that these past weeks have flown by. We needed to be more efficient in the beginning and we have to pick up the slack now but there is no doubt in our minds that we wont have it done. For next time, we will be more prepared and realistic with ideas.

week 5

There are many ways to evaluate wether or not your investment into an organization is smart and worth while. While doing this you can decide if your money is going to the cause or is it used just to pay bills and stay afloat? You can also determine wether or not the organization is going to get through till the next year or if they are on the edge of bankruptcy. That being said its still a difficult process. Although the organization doesn’t look the best on paper but you know they use their money well and they were so kind to you and their cause hits home you can decide to look past the 990’s and still donate. The way you feel towards the organization is the most important thing and factor into your decision for your investment.

When I asked my parents if they donate regularly they didn’t have any large investments anywhere. Their investments include the BASH in the benjamin school and other local things just here and there. Their money is put towards education and whatever is left over goes to the community although recently my mother traveled to Morocco and fundraised to install a plumbing system for a local school in the desert. This was her way for giving back, not only with her time but thats the top priority the school had and my mother funded the project.

Week 4

I learned a lot about my organization. I have been corresponding with the HEAL foundation which is a non-profit organization that stands for “heal every autistic life”. Its purpose is to┬áserve individuals and families living with Autism Spectrum Disorders. The Foundation serves as an outreach organization providing, educational programs and camps tailored to the needs of our Autism Community. HEAL has proudly provided over 100 million dollars to grants to support camps, education, community programs, classroom enhancements for local schools through grants, educational seminars for parents, teachers and therapists and fun recreational and social events for families. Its important to look at the organizations tax returns because you want to make sure that all the organizations income is used towards the cause when thinking about investing. Its also important because you can see if the foundation is smart in its decisions and wether or not it will still be afloat in the future.

Week 3

Last weeks class was more struggling then the others. We were rushed on time with having a lot of things to do but still finished. We learned what purpose, vision and mission statements were and saw how different organizations used them. What surprised me was how some missions could be so small and so global even though it could be a small animal shelter in Palm beach Gardens for instant. The owners of the organization have high hopes and truly want to change the world with their organization which is a great mindset. When we were told to make our own purpose, vision and mission statement it was a lot more tricky then just writing down what you want to do. Yes, we want to make peoples lives better and involve special needs with people without disabilities in games and activities but the wording is what is hard. Another thing my team had to be careful about was the wording of our vision. We couldn’t say that we wish to make their lives good because who is the say their lives are not good already? We also wanted to make sure we have the title correct when we generalize people affected with special needs. Do we address it as handicapped? People with disabilities? Or are we focussing on varying exceptionalities? Overall, we decided to incorporate all types of disabilities under the topic special needs and our goal is to change their lives one smile at a time through physical activities. The wording has not quite been set in stone but thats our general vision and what we want to accomplish.

When I call the organizations themselves to see if they will visit the class I expect to get some stand off people. Having a 17 year old junior call them to organize a meeting is not what they are going to expect but once they realize I mean business and I am doing something good for their cause they will settle down and treat me like they would any prospected donator. I hope the calling is easy and many charities want to come to the class!