Week 6

I really liked hearing about the different organizations from the panel last week. Although the organizations’ focus did not correspond with my group’s focus, I felt that they all were worthy causes with compelling messages. I especially liked Feeding South Florida. Their situation is interesting; they have the capacity to accept more food but they lack a way to distribute it. It’s amazing to think how these donations can have such a big impact on the community and how they can go towards such diverse areas (homelessness, hunger, kids/families in need).

On to fundraising… My group is in quite the predicament. We had our fundraisers approved and were implementing/preparing to implement them when we were told that we could no longer do anything through/at school and had to shut them down. We could have easily met our goals if we were allowed to finish the fundraisers, so unfortunately we are now back to square one. We have several new ideas but it will be tough to organize them in the short amount of time we have left. It’s crunch time! but we  are determined and  we WILL raise at least $300 and meet (or hopefully surpass) our goals.

Week 5

Although the financial aspects of non-profits are important, I feel that our experiences with the representatives should be used to determine what organizations we ultimately donate to. So far, the organizations I have contacted have all been very helpful, but I know that others have not been so lucky. The one financial aspect I would consider is how long an organization could survive without donations. I do not want to donate to an organization that cannot support itself for at least a short amount of time. Acknowledging that aspect, I would still choose the organization that is most cooperative/interested in what we are doing.

Week 3

Narrowing down a vision and purpose was a little difficult for my group. Some of us were leaning more towards the research side of healthcare while others wanted to focus on hospitals and the patients. We all expressed our reasoning and were able to begin researching organizations. On the research side, we’ve come up with Scripps (they deal with cancer, neuroscience, and infectious diseases) and the Max Planck Institute (neuroscience) among others. We are also looking at local children’s hospitals and other organizations of that nature. I am a little nervous making the phone calls; some organizations may be abrupt or uninterested in what we have to say, but f they aren’t interested in what we’re doing, then we should probably cross them off our list anyway.

Week 2

I thought that the paper bag activity was very interesting. I’m in a group with Agne, Caroline, Carolina, and Liz. Although I’m close friends with some of them, everyone brought in an item that represented something I did not know about them. Agne explained how candles are an important memory from Lithuania and both Liz and Caroline said that they love to travel. Carolina brought a Dr. Seuss book that she loved as a kid and a Conferencia ribbon that she won in a spanish competition. I brought my pack of graphite pencils, a swim cap, and a metronome.

We are still brainstorming our ideas, but we’ve come up with several options that we can choose from. I was surprised by the amount that we would be able to donate and that we would be able to choose exactly where we want the money to go. The money can make a huge difference, so now we have to discuss what we want to do to raise it and begin getting our ideas approved.

Week 1

I was on the YMUN trip during week one, so I did not choose the MAD cards with the rest of the group. All of the people on the trip met during lunch one day after the meeting we missed to try to narrow them down; I was surprised how difficult it was to eliminate some of the cards. I originally thought that I knew what groups I would want to help, but, along with the rest of the people at lunch that day, had trouble narrowing it down. Instead of eliminating the cards I liked the least, I ended up choosing the three that I felt were the most important.

I am excited to work with this group of people over the course of the next several weeks and I hope to learn more about both them and myself. The overall idea of the program is very interesting and I can’t wait to get started!