Week 2

The brown paper bag activity allowed me to see an entirely different side of my fellow group members. I learned Alec and Camille are both runners and that Antonio also likes staying active as a means of relieving stress. All group members spoke of family and the important role family members have had on their lives. It truly made sense that our group is focusing on family services because all of our members are so close with their family. It was also cool hearing from the guest speaker and his definition of philanthropy. It opened my eyes to the idea that philanthropy is not strictly money.

Causes of Concern

Upon going through the “MAD” cards, I quickly found the three causes I felt most connected to. First, I found the “Housing” card. Since I am part of Habitat for Humanity, this cause truly stood out to me. Everybody needs a safe place and a place to call their own. Once I started helping people obtain their own houses, I started to love the idea and ability to do something that truly impacts families.  The next card I came across was the “Animal Care” card. This card stood out to me because of my love for my own animals. Recently my boyfriend and I adopted a dog from Big Dog Ranch, an amazing dog rescue organization. Visiting the organization made me realize we need more safe places for homeless animals. The final card I chose was the “Children and Youth Services” card. I have always been very close with my family and have had the privledge of feeling safe. Not all children have that, and that is why I believe it is important that children are given the ability to talk and confide in somebody. The three cards I chose helped me to realize what causes make me happy to help with.