Week 1 / Week 2

So since day one I was curious on what we would be doing with MONEY. On week two I was surprised to find out that we will be raising 300$ on our part and donate to our favorite non-profit organization. This idea made it more personal, this means I have to work. Work is a new term for me since I really haven’t done a lot other than small volunteering opportunists. I have several ideas, but I really want corporate support to match our earnings. Back to the class itself, I like my groups focus with special needs children & adults. I have a cousin with Aicardi Gutierrez syndrome; she is 15 years old with the body of a 2 year old. Lauren can’t walk or talk, but her eyes say “help”. From an early age it was hard for me to understand why this would happen, but now my view is to at least help her enjoy her last days on earth. This is why I choose the special needs card; I hope to make a difference…

Till next time
-Cole Ronquillo