Week 1 Entry

In our first meeting with Main Street Philanthropy we had to select three cards which we believe are top areas of concern. I was surprised with myself when I found it extremly difficult to choose only three of the Make A Difference cards. After awhile I decided that my top three areas of concern are Health Research and Education, Environmental protection, and Animal Care. I chose Health Research and Education as my number one area of concern because Health affects everyone. After listening to Benjamin’s guest speaker I came to the realization that humans are destroying the envirnonment around us and it is crucial that we take interest in protecting it. Lastly I chose Animal Care becuase it is an area that I am interested in. Every weekend I volunteer at the Loggerhead Marine Life center where I educate people about sea turtles. It is important to me that people care for animals that can’t provide for themselves. Looking around at other people’s choices I learned more about their interests. Just like I take personal interest in Animal Care, my friends had other topics which meant a lot to them. I’m not really sure in what I am hoping to gain from this program. I look forward to learing more about the charaties and organizations in my area. I also would like to see how I could make a difference in my community by helping others.