Week 7

WE GOT RAINED OUT! Our meeting was cancelled this week because of an upcoming storm that actually passed us without any damage. Although I was really looking forward to this meeting because one of the representatives I contacted was going to be there, I’m happy we’re all safe! I am also extatic to anounce that as of Sunday March 9 2014 The Medical Miracles group has raised 385$! I am soooo proud because all of our ideas a week ago centered around fundraising in school (we were going to make over 350$ by selling bagels during break) and as we all know we aren’t allowed to fundraise in school anymore ;( . Because our big ideas to fundraising victory was cancelled, these 385$ seem even sweeter!

I’m looking forward to meeting the representatives I have invited and seeing you all at the next meetings- if it doesn’t rain ofcourse 🙂

Week 6

This week we had four organizations present what they do in our meeting. Although neither one of these organizations had anything to do with my topic, I was still very interested. It’s a very different experience sitting behind the desk and having to judge someone on their body language and the words they use to describe their organization in the short amount of time that they have. All of the organizations that had showed up Thursay had something to do with with childrent that are neglected, hungry or both. Hearing information about these terrible thinks that happen in our community really makes me thankful for the family and the possiblities that I have.

Moving on from the sad things in our community: I am very happy to say that our fundraising is very well on it’s way and will, for the most part, be finished this wednesday at noon. As the biggest part of our fundraiser we are selling bagels during our morning break period. I am very excited because I know that is when we will be making most of our money, I also really want to buy a bagel right now.

Week 5

In this week’s meeting my teammates cought me up on what a 990 tax form is and how to navigate it. As well as doing some reasearch and calculating statistics for our possible organizations, we also talked about how we judge different organizations. After talking to my parents and my group members I decided that I would rather judge an organization on their openess, cooperation and enthusiasm rather than their financial standings or the size of their donor circle. I think that the 990 form is a good way to start judging organizations, but it can not be the only measurement. That is why I am really looking forward to the presentations. I am also hoping to start fundraising, or at least talk to Mrs. Ditaranto and the school administration, this week.

Week 4

I was not there for this week’s meeting. While the meeting was going on I was at the airport waiting for a flight to Washington D.C that would eventually get cancelled. Before I left I did call four organizations that were relevant to my groups mission and our concerns. I called the UF College of Medicine who sadly did not answer. The Sanford Burnham medical research institute (Orlando) where a receptionist redirected me to a staff member who deals with these type of requests: Anna Daniel. I have sent her an email and am waiting for her response on whether someone from the insitute would be able to speak at our meeting. Next was the South Florida research Center where I left a voicemail and am still waiting to see if they will get back to me. Lastly I called the Max Planck Florida insitute- which focuses on neuroscience where I left them my email address and phone number. A woman in the philanthropy department or the department that deals with local schools (they get alot of volunteers from local schoolsso they need a department for it) should call me back soon.

It was slightly disapointing to feel like I didin’t actually accomplish anything because I was not able to set up a meeting, but I’m really hoping that one of the three still pending organizations with offers/invitations will respond quickly so that they could visit one of our meetings soon.

Week 3

This week’s meeting was very productive. We shared our team names (ours was Medical Miracles- M2) and our fundraising plans. Since our team represents 2 cards/topics we decided to split up for now and either raise 600+$ and donate to both causes, or come together in the end and pick one cause. As of now Julia and I represent the Medical research side of our team. We came up with a purpose statement: Our team’s purpose is to serve our community by promoting health research and education. We also created a vision statement: A better educated and more advanced medical world. We have come up with ideas on who we would like to invite to our meeting and who we would like to help out. So far on our list of organizations we have the Scripps Reasearch Institute as well as the Max Planck Florida Institute which focuses on neuroscience. Our entire team will meet this wednesday to come up with more ideas and hopefully start fundraising. I am really looking forward to finding even more organizations and calling them to see if they would present what they do at one of our meetings.

735154_300 mpfi-logo

Sadly I will be missing yet another meeting because I will be in Washington D.C participating at JSA, but I will make sure to get all the information and do all the work before I come back.


– Agne