Week 7

This week I interviewed my grandmother because I did not know much about her past so this was a good way to learn about her childhood and the world that was around her. I knew she would be the best to interview about because she lived through hard economic times such as the Great Depression and WWII. She said that her family had to be very careful with their money because of high inflation during her childhood. She actively supports the ASPCA because her family had many pets when she was growing up. In her adult life she had 8 dogs and loved them dearly. Every month she donates to this organization to help prevent animal cruelty. My grandmother loves giving to charities like the ASPCA because she know that she is making a difference in the lives of humans and pets. I asked her what serious problem she would fix today. Like many other elderly people would answer she said it is the communication among the youth of today. We only communicate through texting when back in her childhood they would have face to face contact for all conversations. She thinks it is very important for children to get out and interact with different people in the world rather the talking and solving problems through a phone. I asked her how one can have a joyful and fulfilling life. She said it is all about finding a job that you choose because it makes you happy rather than for the paycheck. Everyday you should wake up happy to go to work. Many wealthy people are very unhappy because of the stress that they go through at work. It was very interesting to interview my grandmother because I got a point of view from living in some of the hardest times in our country. Somehow she found a way to have a joyful and fulfilling life.

Week 6

This week was very inspiring and helpful in the process of choosing our organization to support. It was heart warming to hear about all of the families and children that these organizations have helped in our community. I didn’t realize that there were so many homeless and hungry people living in Palm Beach County. Our group was very impressed with Feeding South Florida because that is our main focus. They lived up to our standards and it is a good bet that we will give our money to them. Feeding South Florida fit our mission perfectly which is to raise awareness of hunger and supply food to the poor. They are very financially stable and they seem to have a really strong leadership team. I will definitely recommend this organization to other groups in the Philanthropy class. My team’s fundraising is going pretty well. Our classmates have been very willing to donate to a cause such as hunger. I have told many of my friends about Feeding South Florida and they think that it is a great cause. I have never really done fundraising in a group before so the philanthropy class is really teaching me how to work together with my fellow group members in order to support a great cause. We will continue with our fundraising throughout the next few weeks and hopefully go above and beyond our fundraising goal.


Week 5

So far we have learned about the quantitative and qualitative ways to evaluate an investment in a company. Some of the options are looking at the companies reliability, past history, friendliness and the overall dollar value that they have committed to serving their purpose. Before the philanthropy class, I never really thought about many of the various ways to chose a company. I would have just chosen the company that has made the biggest impact in the community. But now I look at many different factors to those companies. I believe that the qualitative factors are most important because you want to make sure that you are working with someone who wants to work with you. I do not want to give my money to someone who is nasty and arrogant. I would like to donate my money to an organization who is happy to have my business and will work with me in a friendly manner.

It was difficult to find the right organization for hunger at first. My group had a hard time finding enough information about each one until we found PBC Food Bank. As of now we are pretty sure that this is the right organization for us. We have many questions to ask the representative if they come to speak to us and if it all goes well than we will probably give our money to them.

I asked my dad about how he chooses an organization to support and donate to. He said that he first looks at what the organization supports. He is a doctor so he usually supports the organizations that have to do with medical research and he health people. He then makes his decision based on how much his donation really effects the purpose. He does not want his money just sitting there while the organization waits to find a purpose for it. He wants his money to have an immediate effect on the people that he wants to help.


Week 3

This week my group and I came up with an purpose, vision, and mission for our project for Hunger. We all had so many great ideas and suggestions that it was very hard to narrow it down to one purpose. We finally all agreed to make our purpose to serve our community by eliminating hunger. Now obviously that is very optimistic thinking since we are only a few students but our vision is to raise enough money that ill make a difference in the lives of some families. We cannot reach out to everyone but we can do as much as we can to help a few. Then the group discussed a few steps in order to make our vision come true. We first must agree on an organization that suits our goal, choose a fundraising project, raise the money, contact the companies, and finally deliver the checks once we feel like we have raised a sufficient amount of money.

Our groups has narrowed our search down to a few organizations that we plan on calling this week. We have chosen Feeding South Florida, PBC Food Bank, Life Net for Families, Spirit of Giving, and Community Foundation for PBC. My part this week was to call  a few organizations that fit our project. I already called Action Against Hunger to see if they would be willing to come speak to us but I found out that they do not have any influence in our area because they are mostly based in New York. So since that did not work out I plan on calling Life Net for Families later this week. But overall I believe that the best organization for our group would be Feeding South Florida because they have fed over 900,000 hungry people in the South Florida area. The website says that they are able to provide 7 pounds of food to families for every $1 that is donated. With the $300 our group has set out a goal for, we can help provide 2,100 pounds of food. That is a lot.

Week 2 Blog

In week two everyone brought in three small items that describe who they are. We each shared our items in small groups so we could get to know each other a little better. I learned that I have many similarities with others in my group. One of my items was a Yankees key chain which described how I love the Yankees and New York. Two other members of my group also had items that described why they love New York. I got to connect with my classmates to find out some interesting details that I was unaware of. Many of my classmates are collectors of certain items that have meaning to them. Most of the collections are small items that they get to remember vacations. I also had a a collection which was an M&M golf ball from the store in New York. Also many of my classmates have very interesting families. Almost everyone brought in a picture of either a pet or family members. Some of my classmates brought in food items, like I did, and others brought in small things that reminded them of the beach. Everyone had different interests and hobbies and it was nice to learn all of these new things about people that I have known for a long time. Our team fundraiser will be for world hunger. We will probably hold a bake sale or some other kind of food sale because that is very relate-able to hunger and everyone likes to buy food. We have not decided on a date to hold the fundraiser yet but we will be discussing the details later this week.