Week 2

Week 2 was filled with very interesting experiences. We were all split up into separate groups depending on what our interest were. I was put into the Educational Institutions group with Monica, JT, Izzy and Nicole. I feel like I can make a difference with this group and am very interested in finding and developing ways to raise money. We all brought in three items in order to tell the story of our lives and I learned new things about everyone. JT loves baseball and the USA, Izzy is a dog lover, has lived in Florida her entire life and loves photography, Nicole grew up in Miami, loves theater and is really close to her grandpa, and Monica enjoys watching TV, eating chocolate and has a big family. I brought in earphones to show my love for music, a shell to signify that I have lived in Florida my entire life and rice because that has been my favorite food since I can remember. We are all excited to start fundraising and are coming up with different ideas on how to raise money. We are also thinking of names such as The Owls or Students to Students. I think that we’ll have a successful experience with this program and will be able to help others.