Week 5

This week was a great week in Philanthropy Class. We had four speakers come in and share very important aspects of their organization essentially to reel us, students and donators, in to eventually give the money that we raised to their foundation. The four companies that came to share their ideas were: HomeSafe, Feeding South Florida, Adopt-A-Family, and Guardian ad Litem (GAD). These four organizations have such great aspects to their foundation and i wish i could donate to all of them! I just don’t think that these specific organizations fulfill the needs that my group, Kids for Kids Foundation (children and youth services). I am looking for an organization that allows teens, around our age, to truly interact with the children and engage themselves in these types of volunteering opportunities. Specifically Guardian Ad Litem does not look for a younger age group because one needs to be at least 21 years of age to become a guardian of a younger child (which is understandable just unfortunate that we would not fit these needs). The same for HomeSafe. Their youth program require a background check for require a person that volunteers to be at least 18 years old. These two organizations have such great facts that I personally would love to learn more about but it is just not the right time yet because my group has to focus on raising money for an organization that matches our mission and vision during these 10 weeks. Feeding South Florida was great to learn about and they have great volunteering opportunities for kids my age! I would definitely consider donating my money to this organization having learned about their statistics and knowing that there are exceptionally reliable and sustainable. Lastly, Adopt-A-Family was great to learn more about because the Benjamin School actually participates with this organization during the holiday season. I love that there is so many different things in this one organization that people are able to do to help many families just around Palm Beach County. Again Adopt-A-Family would be an organization I would consider sending my donations to!

Aside from these organizations and after looking very hard for the right organization, I think we have finally found the perfect match for our groups mission and vision.  Hispanic Human Resources Center (HHRC) really engages themselves int he Benjamin  Community because they do a lot of senior projects with this organization. I feel that this aspect would be beneficial because it appeals to the students at the Benjamin School and therefore there might be a better donation. A teacher at the Benjamin School also has close relations to a person who works there: Mrs. Judy Pierman. I look forward to engaging in this organization because it allows me and my fellow group members to play with the children and immerse ourselves in the lives of others.

Week 4

This week me and my group called our organization: Children’s Home society. We did not talk to them personally because it went to voice mail but we did send an email. They actually just returned our email and asked when would be a good time to come and talk to the class! It is really exciting to learn a lot about our organization and really engage in this project!

I learned other things about the other groups.  Izzy Grabel contacted Mrs. Anderson, Monica’s mom, who tutors hatian children in West Palm Beach.  This organization is called Hands together and I personally have actually taken part in this! Also Nicole and Monica came up with the idea and are pursuing it: to have a car wash to raise money for their cause. Lastly, Trevor Ross wants to raise money by holding a 5K and bake sale! Of course he need to get this noticed by the school but such a  great idea! All together our classmates are so creative and know what lie ahead of them. It is great to see their visions coming true!


It is important to look at the number before making an investment because one can see the progress of the company and their tax returns. This information can be found on the 990 forms which we learned about in class.

Week 3

This week in our groups we talked about our mission and vision. My groups name is Kids for Kids Foundation and we even have our own logo which I came up with:) The picture is of four kids playing with each other and the kids are in the positions of: K 4 K F (the F is backwards).  Our mission is to galvanize our community about children abuse and under privileged  youth. My group and I already have some ideas of where we would like to call to maybe in the future raise money for this certain organization. Our vision is to have a lasting impact on our community so that they will continue to be aware of abused children and their unfortunate situations. I am excited for this process to raise money for a certain organization because i believe that i will want to continue this journey even after the class is over! I love so much to help others and this class really gives me the opportunity to do this. Kids for Kids will be a great foundation that will no doubt raise a lot of money for an organization:) Also one specific idea that we have is making the bracelets with younger kids and therefore we found an orphanage home in Palm Beach that allows us to sit with the kids and spend a lot of time with them.

Week 2: Brown paper bag

This week I brought three things in a brown paper bag to describe major parts of my life’s story.

The first item I brought was a piece from the world trade center. I brought this piece because my father died in the tragedy of 9/11 and it took a huge impact on my life path. Having been at such a young age it shaped my life dramatically knowing that I will not have a father in my life ever. It is sad but I have had enough time to move on and cherish my dad and not grieve over his demise.

The next item I brought in was a seashell because i waste most of my time at the beach doing different things such as: surfing, swimming, tanning, paddle-boarding, rollerblading, running, etc. The beach is an outlet to happiness where everything is just better at the beach. I chose the seashell because i love going to the beach and it is a huge apart of my life’s story.

The last item I brought was a sticker of a foot. This symbolizes the fact that I like to travel, not necessarily on foot but just in general. I have family that lives in Switzerland and therefore we try to visit them a lot. I have also traveled to places such as: Dominican Republic, St. Louis, Rome, Paris, Greece, and many others. I want to continue to travel in my future and hopefully to travel for the purpose of helping other countries in need! Traveling has been a huge part of my life and therefore means a lot to me.


I learned many things about my group members this week in class. My friends feel very strongly and passionately about their families. They spend a lot of time with their family and cherish every moment with them. Also they have certain hobbies that they express themselves with such as: soccer, photography, and performing arts!


My group will be focusing on Child and Youth Services to raise money for non profit organizations and we have many ideas on how to raise the money. Some ideas are: collect pocket money, car washes, lemonade stands, etc; simple things like this usually have a big turn out. BUT one major idea would be to go to a certain organization/ a place where children want to play and we would make bracelets with them to then sell to others to raise money!

Values and Concerns

The top three concerns I identified with the Make A Difference (“MAD”) cards were Housing, Children and Youth Services, and Animal Care.

The reason I chose Housing was because I take a big part in Habitat for Humanity and every weekend when I finish my hours I feel so great knowing that I impacted someone else’s life. It is so nice to be a part of the Habitat community because they are all so caring and really welcome you into their environment. I believe that housing is one of the most important necessities in life because it provides shelter and storage for families and to know that Habitat is a charity that gives housing to families in needs is so great. Over the summer I spent over 100 hours at Habitat and it really opened my eyes up to the world knowing that great things are possible for the less fortunate and it means so much that I can be a part of a life changing experience for a person/family.

The reason I chose Children and Youth Services is from past experience I have babysat and worked with kids of different classes and really got to know each one of the kids. At such a young age the children are so innocent and do not understand their living situation. One example of me working with kids is tutoring them on Saturdays and to know that not every kid gets to experience school like many others do is sad to think BUT also great to know that you can help the situation by making it as comparable as you can as if they were attending regular school. The children that I work with are so caring and it makes me so appreciative of what i have but also so enthusiastic to help others!

Lastly, I chose Animal Care because I personally have 2 dogs named Cloe and Lucie, a black lab and a cavapoo. These dogs are my life and to even think of them getting hurt is unbearable. Animals take up so much of a persons life and to know that some people do not appreciate animals and do not treat them nicely is so upsetting. Therefore, I would feel so honored as to be apart of a community of people that aids innocent animals.