Week 3

My group quickly got started on the project and worked together to create our purpose, vision, and mission statements. My group consists of very outspoken females so we quickly debated what our objectives would be.Due to our friendships it was easy to come to a compromise on our decisions and team name of Kids for Kids.


We are currently interested in a local orphanage, Gretchen is going to call and hopefully we will be able to get involved in their organization. As members of the Children and Youth Services, the orphanage offers us the opportunity to help young mothers, abused children, and orphans. I would like to go down to the orphanage and see first hand how they run their services and where their donations are used.

Week 2

When posed with the decision of choosing three items to describe my life, I did not find the task challenging. It is easy to see through my choice of items that family and the arts play a major role in my life. A tragedy mask represented my ongoing relationship with the performing arts, as my mother’s necklace and sentimental refrigerator magnet symbolized my close family relationships. As my fellow classmates learned about me through my items, theirs told the stories of their lives.
Gretchen Sousa, a girl I’ve known since pre-k, showed me another side of her through her items. I learned that Gretchen never says no and makes a lot of her choices surprisingly through the decisions of a magic eight ball. She expresses herself through the arts by use of photography.
Kristy, a close friend of mine for many years, reminded me of the loss of her father and the unfortunate circumstances that have shaped her into the person she is today. This showed me how strong Kristy is for overcoming her situations and that no matter the negative circumstance she can make anyone I know laugh with her charming personality.
Natalie, a traveler and soccer star, showed me that she expresses herself on the soccer field and learns how others express themselves as she travels the world. Her family lives all over the planet allowing her the amazing excuse to visit.

As my group all has strong personalities we’ve yet to come to a decision on fundraising.

Meeting 1

My experience with the MAD Cards was interesting. I realized how many things I am interested in and how hard it is for me to value certain organizations and needs in our world over others. After much thought and deliberation I narrowed my options down to three; Educational Institutions, Children and Youth Services, and Environmental Protection. I picked Educational Institutions because through tutoring underprivileged kids over the summer, in preparation for their upcoming school year, I’ve noticed the importance of education for all and that everyone should have the chance to receive a higher education. I picked Children and Youth Services because I am involved in many children guidance programs such as Wyld life, a christian based program targeted at middle-schoolers with the intent to lead them down the right road in life. Through this program I’ve been able to see first hand how important it is for children to have guidance in their life. I chose Environmental Protection as my third choice because I am heavily involved in my community. As president of Junior Friends of MacArthur State Park, I am heavily involved in taking care of my local environment. Through this position of power I am the only young adult on the board for MacArthur State Park, and as a result I get a chance to communicate with the other board members the real problems affecting our beaches and ecosystems in the park.

By participating in the Main Street Philanthropy Program I hope to gain guidance in how to live a charitable life and be less selfless. I look forward to learning the financial side of philanthropy and how charities work and what makes them successful.