Week 6

Last week I unfortunately had to leave early due to sports requirement, but I was able to listen to all of the representatives presentations. A few of them I was very impressed with in terms of their organization of presentation, mission statement, and their ability to communicate their point to their audience. The one male representative stood out to me because he was the CEO. This really means a lot because he took time out of his day which must be very busy to come and speak to us. This shows his dedication and his care for his company/foundation. Another thing that I enjoyed was the final speaker, who did show up late which gave me an initial impression that she was unprepared, was very succinct. She went right into her presentation which seemed well practiced and told us the facts that we needed to know.

I am looking forward to hearing from the next set of representatives today.

Last class we reviewed the form 990’s of each of our organizations and determined which company was more responsible with the way they handle their money. I looked between the two organizations that I had researched and found that, although ARC is a bigger foundation that had longer sustainability, the Nicklaus Center scored better overall. This is in part due to their fundraising expenses of zero. I received the contact info of someone from ARC to be a representative and come and talk to our class, I feel like this will be very educating. I talked to my mom about the organizations that she gives to each year and, surprisingly, many of them I actually introduced to her. Some of them were camps that I attend during the summer and others were types of organizations that I had volunteered at before. This is pretty cool to know that I indirectly affected these organizations even after I gave them my time.

Trevor Ross

Last week we learned how to review a form 990 and use this information to our advantage. I especially liked being able to see a company’s sustainability. This allows me to see how long a company will be able to sustain itself if all revenue were cut off and they had to spend money from their liquid(cash) money. This is definitely a factor when determining which company or foundation to invest in because one must be able to invest in something that will last. I don’t want to invest in a company that can only sustain itself for half a month because then it will be likely to fail and my investment becomes wasted.

I have begun planning the 5k walk/run in which we plan to raise money. I really think this will be a success because my mom recently had to raise money for the Dana Farber Foundation so she could run in the Boston Marathon. She did not organize a 5k, but had researched many ways to raise money and found that a 5k was both a fun and effective way to raise money for a cause. Cannot wait to continue working hard next week!

Week 3

Week 3 was very interesting as our group created our purpose, Vision, and mission statements. We realized that we wanted to focus on improving the life of those with disabilities, but we also wanted to include them in the community more. I’ve decided to call ARC and the Nicklaus Research Foundation to ask for representatives to come in and speak to us. I have been involved before with ARC so I think they will be grateful for the opportunity. I also have started organizing the 5k and it is going along well, hopefully it follows through. I think this kind of event will help with another one of our group’s goals: to put a smile on their faces.

Week 2

During week 2 we met with our groups, went through our paper bag items, and listened to an excellent speaker. I was put in the group dedicated to helping those with special needs, in which I know I can make a difference. In my group is cole, savannah, and hannah. While going through our objects that we brought I learned that, like me, sports is a huge part of Hannah and Savannah’s life. I also learned that Cole, unlike the rest of us, has lived in many other places aside from florida such as Massachusetts and Arizona. I think this is cool and important because he can bring new ideas that we might not have previously thought of. I decided to bring in a lacrosse ball, a planner, and a pair of sunglasses to show my involvement in sports, school, and the south florida lifestyle. The speaker we listened to really seemed to enjoy collecting art and allocating his time, money, and effort to making art collections unique and enjoyable. His passion for this showed me that I need to find a niche or something that I am truly passionate about and follow that passion throughout my life. He seemed to be genuinely happy because his work was his passion, and vice versa. This is definitely something that I realized I should follow, but first I have to find something I am passionate about. That is one of the reasons why I decided to partake in this group, to find my passion. We did not get a chance to finalize our plans to raise the required amount of money, but we were all certain that we would raise well over the required 300 dollars. My mom just had to raise 10,000 dollars for a foundation so I am sure she could give us plenty of ideas, such as setting up a 5k run that includes availability for those with special needs to participate in it. Overall it was a great meeting and I look forward to next week.