Week 4

While researching different organizations, I have continued to learn more and more about my cause. My group is still split on which aspect of hospitals and healthcare we would like to give the money we raise to. Half of us would like to fund raise for the research side of healthcare, while the other half is leaning toward giving the money directly to a hospital or organization that helps people in need of special medical care. We have been doing research on Scripps and we contacted Max Planck to learn more about those organizations.

Before making an investment, it is essential to look at the numbers of an organization. You have to look at how many years the organization has been around and how successful they have been.  The Form 990’s are really helpful because they allow you to see the amount of money that an organization actually gives to its cause. It also shows how much money goes to the employees and the leaders of the organization. The forms are really useful because they show how efficient the non profits are, and this information can help us choose which one we want to give the money we raise to.

Week 3

Creating my purpose, vision, and mission statements was harder than I thought that it would be. My group was split because we each thought that we should donate the money to a particular part of health care. For example, two of us thought that the money should go to medical research, while the other two thought it should go to people who are in need of health care. We decided to continue working in these smaller, split groups, and then we will eventually come back together once we make a decision on which path we would like to continue on.  We will have to compromise, and one possibility that we could decide on would be St. Jude’s Hospital. Here is the logo for this hospital:st judes logo

As the logo says, this foundation is devoted to both research and to giving medical attention to children who really need it. Therefore, this would be a good mix between the two things that my group is interested in doing. I am excited to begin reaching out to organizations this week. I expect to encounter people who are very busy but I hope that they will take the time to listen to what I have to say as we could really help their organizations. It will be a great experience and I am looking forward to getting to know more about these organizations!


Week 2

The Brown Paper Bag Activity was very useful because it helped me to learn more about my classmates and it was also good to figure out the things that are important in my life. I learned a lot of interesting things about my teammates. For example, Agne collects music boxes, Carolina liked Dr. Seuss’ stories, Julia likes art, drawing, and being creative, and Liz likes to travel. It was a nice activity because it helped us to find things in common and similar interests that we share.
Our team is still coming up with different fundraising ideas. We have not settled on any particular idea or time to do it. We have been thinking about a couple of different possibilities though, like spreading the word at school and trying to make it a competition to get the whole student body involved. I am excited to begin fundraising!

Values & Concerns

It was very difficult to select just three out of all of the Make a Difference cards, as there are so many that are very important. I ended up choosing Hospitals and Health Care, People with Mental and Physical Disabilities, and Housing. This activity helped me to realize that these are three things that I feel very passionate about. I chose the Hospitals and Health Care card because of everything that it entailed. The card listed that these are charities that help children with serious medical conditions, people who can not afford medical care, hospitalization for immigrants, and many other worthy causes. In addition to the great things that were listed on the card, I volunteer at Jupiter Medical Center so i have volunteered a lot in a hospital. It is clear to me from the time that i have spent working in there that hospitals are a necessary service to the public and it is so important that everybody has the opportunity to get the proper care that they need. I chose the card that helped people with mental and physical disabilities because this is very important to me. I have volunteered many times for the Special Olympics and i find that incredibly rewarding. People with mental and physical disabilities truly need help so i find that they are a very important cause. Lastly, I chose housing because I am very involved with the Habitat for Humanity. I love volunteering for that charity because the work that they do makes such a positive impact on the lives of people who need it. Through this activity i also learned a lot about others. We discussed which cards we all selected and why we chose those certain causes. This activity helped me to find out what other people are passionate about. I hope to continue learning more about my classmates through this Main Street Philanthropy Program. I hope to learn a lot about non-profit organizations and how they function. I also am interested in the business aspect of the program along with fundraising and donating money to certain charities. I think this program will be very beneficial to our educations and it will help us to develop our characters by finding what we are passionate about and giving to those charities.