Week 3

Creating our purpose, vision, and mission statements was very interesting with my group. Gretchen, Morgan, and Kristy are very vocal speakers who have strong opinions. We agreed that our envision is to improve the generation of underprivileged kids through our local works and aspirations. We then had to decide how we were going to go aware others of our cause. Through the mission statement, we decided we needed to copy our logo, make donation jars, and contact others for assistance. We also came to the decision that our final logo would look like this: photo


Gretchen informed us of a youth service (local orphanage) that she volunteered to contact for future involvement. Considering that we are responsible for the Children’s and Youth services, this orphanage could potentially receive our donation. Before making any decision, we decided we would all visit the orphanage and learn how their donations are used. Our group focuses primarily on helping the underprivileged and abused, therefore we want to make the most out of our donation.

journal for week 2

This week’s class was very interesting. We listened to a local philanthropist, shared the items in our bags, and discussed basic fundraising fundamentals.  The brown paper bag activity was entertaining and informing. The three girls in my group, Kristy, Morgan, and Gretchen are very vocal girls with an interest for the arts. This can come in handy for our fundraising! As we brainstormed ideas for creatively fundraising, we were all able to share our views and inputs on our category. Some of the things we thought of doing things were local bake sales, bracelet making/selling, and raising awareness of our subject to the lower school campus. We have yet to come to final decision. During the discussions, we were able to exchange ideas and talk about the business side to this. My dad is a banker for Wells Fargo and has been involved in many organizations similar to my topic. Another interesting thing we did during this week’s class was listening and talking with the philanthropist, Frederic Sharf. Through Mr. Sharf, I learned how simple it can be to help others in categories of interest. Mr. Sharf enjoyed collecting art and exploring the world of fashion. At age ten he began collecting art, resulting in the publishing of famous art books. This showed us that we are never “too young” to explore because it leads to opportunity. His message to us young philanthropists is to approach goals in strategic ways. That is a key to success. Mr. Sharf inspired me to explore categories of my interest because it could positively affect others.

week 1 entry

During my first class of Main Street Philanthropy, I was able to expand my knowledge regarding the different issues found within our community.  As I went through the different MAD cards, I became aware of the many areas of concern. When I was asked to narrow the subjects down from six to three, I struggled. Each category is very important but I decided to order them by what is most relatable to my life experiences and me.  Eliminating the “hunger” card was very difficult for me because I believe everyone has the right to enjoy a nutritious meal. At my old school, Every friday night, before the football games and basketball games, our school community gathered together in the gym. We packaged meals for the local homeless shelters and delivered them the following morning. Every grade competed on who could make the most PB&J sandwiches. When I volunteered to deliver the boxes I was able to see the eyes of little ones light up with appreciation. This was the first instance where I felt internally accomplished and realized how fortunate I was. My top three concerns where veterans and service personnel, hospitals and medical care, and children and youth services. I relate to the veterans and service personnel because my grandfather is a war veteran, and my brother is currently serving. Due to the fact that they protect our lives and reward us with freedom, they deserve more than financial security and recognition. Their discipline should be rewarded and prioritized in the business world. Hospitals and medical care is another big subject concern of mine. Everyone should be allowed to live a healthy life. The stress of medical bills along with the emotional ties is life consuming. When I was younger, I was hospitalized for a few weeks and learned many things. The little girl across from my room was suffering from the swine flu. As the days passed she began developing many other illnesses and her family wasn’t able to keep up with the bills. This ties in with my last category, children and youth services. This subject is very important to me for many reasons. Childhood is one of the most memorable stages of life and should be enjoyed, not spent suffering. Children are innocent of what they receive.

Hopefully through this course I will be to expand my knowledge and involvement in my community and learn about philanthropy as a whole.