Final Blog

Our course has come to a close, but the lessons learned throughout its duration have been life changing. As a group, we explored the true meaning of philanthropy and how to efficiently pursue our dreams of helping the community improve. Both the qualitative and quantitative analysis’ are necessary when organizing a philanthropic project. The lessons regarding how to correctly perform such activities have truly enabled many of us with the skills necessary to continue our interest in this field. Nevertheless, I think the most important lesson drawn from this course was that each and every one of us can make a positive impact on our community. You don’t have to be rich to help others improve themselves. With organization and determination, we can achieve great things. This was evident during the field trip. Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend, but my class mates told me that the organizations we donated to were extremely grateful for our contributions. The looks on some of the peoples’ faces were priceless. So, philanthropy no longer means to me what it did at the beginning of the course. I no longer believe that it solely regards monetary contributions. Philanthropy connects us to each other as humans. Through it, we build the foundation for a better world, one in which we willingly extend a hand to those who need one. Money may matter to a certain extent, but what really makes a difference is the idea that, as motivated individuals, we can come together to make a huge impact.

last blog

On the day we delivered checks, the representative from Feeding South Florida was very ill and could not make an appearance. Therefore, we didn’t get to hand her the big check and take a picture. However, i still felt the greatest feeling of fullfilment just knowing that we raised so much money. When Ms. Ditaranto first approached me and asked if i would be interested in the main street class, i was quick to say yes. i soon realized that the class wasn’t just about community service. i learned that there is no way to end all world problems, but even the smallest contribution, whether it be money or time, can make a difference. every place we went on our field trip was more appreciative then i ever could have imagined. community service has always been important to me but from the experience of this class, it means so much more than just a requirement.

Week 10

The last week, the last trip, and the biggest reward.  Throughout the past nine weeks our class has gained a more fuller and better understanding of what philanthropy is about and how it functions.  We delivered three checks to different charities and facilities.  Each place we went, we were met with so much warmth and kindness.  Philanthropy has allowed me to see the importance of gratitude.  Everyone has different situations and conditions, sometimes they are challenging, but all people need is a helping hand.

Week 10

When I finally got to deliver the check to Sanford and Bernum it was such a great feeling. Even though it was over skype, I felt like they really appreciated our donationwhich was rewarding. Going to see the homeless shelter was very humbling. The Arc was also very touching to see because we got to see how our money would be spent. Overall, the fieldmade the class worth it because we got to see hte results.  happy to know that we actually made a difference in our community and I will never forget the trip or the lessons I learned throughout the past 10 weeks.

Field Trip

The field trip that we took to deliver the checks to all of the organizations was an amazing experience and was eye-opening to say the least. When we delivered the check to my group’s organization, ARC, we had the opportunity to tour their facilities. This was a tear jerking experience as we had the chance to see where the money would be going. We got to see three different groups of “clients” during our tour: ages 3-5, 5-9, and the adult group. The first two groups definitely impacted me as children with special needs are the reason why I joined the group in the first place. As I saw these kids it really struck home as I found the foundation of my inspiration. The third group made me feel proud as I could see how ARC had affected each adults’ life. I saw regular citizens, not adults with special needs, and this made me so happy to see the outcome of ARC’s efforts, and to see how the money we raised would improve each individual’s life. This was a truly humbling experience and makes me want to work towards another philanthropic goal, or maybe just offer some of my time to help out.