Week 3

This week we took part int he brown paper bag activity. I think it was really interesting to see everyone’s items and see how everyone’s items seemed to be connected with each other. I think it alos brought the everyone together and we got to know something more personal about each other. I brought in a picture of my sister which represents my family side. I believe that family is very important and should always come first. I often serve as a mentor to my sister and I think it truly symbolizes my leadership side. My second item was a birthday card that one of my friends made for me symbolizing the importance to friendship. I think that friends are a very important aspect in our lives today and I always make an effort to put their needs over my own. Lastly, I thought in a metal from a sporting event symbolizing the lesson’s I have learned growing up playing different sports. I think all athletes learn many valuable lessons throughout each season and they have helped form the person I am today. However, my group and I have not started researching organizations that we would like to invest our time and money too. Also, we have not started brainstorming fundraising ideas. So, I feel that we are behind.


  1. Love the description of your brown paper bag! Ok, time to problem solve re group work. It sounds like you might benefit from having a regular in-person meeting (even for just 15 minutes) to divvy up tasks and make sure you stay on schedule. What about the Friday after class each week? Hope this helps!

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