Blog Entry – Week 3

Today I am blogging about our last session with the Philanthropy club. We did an activity called the brown paper bag activity. This is where you bring in three thing that mean something ┬áto you and kind of represent what you like to do with your free time. I found it very interesting. All three of my items were based off of things that had to do with the arts. And what I found shocking was so did everyone else. Almost everyone had at least one thing that had to with the arts. But alas, not a single person but me and one other girl put the topic of Arts and Culture as their top three for the MAD exercise. Now I’m not complaining about the group I have been placed in, I am simply saying that I find it curious that its not even a group considering it is so very prevalent in today life. I feel (and I assume I am speaking for others beside myself) that I would be able to better commit my talents towards a topic that I have more experience with and have already made connections with. But, it’s no big deal. I will put forth my effort and hopefully will be able to make a difference in the group I have been assigned to.



Vincent Bolchoz


  1. Vincent, thanks for your post. I think your observation is very interesting. One thought is that when presented with basic human needs like food and shelter, many people tend to prioritize those over arts & culture. I will share with you a blog post I wrote about this issue. Good news: I think you will end up getting MORE out of the class now that you are working on an issue you know less about. Keep me posted as the course progresses…Team HOPE is lucky to have you.

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