Week 3

For week three, everyone had to bring in three items that represent themselves and that would fit in a brown paper bag. I brought in a postcard, a measuring cup, and a souvenir from a science research center. I brought the science souvenir because it pertains to a field of study that I am very interested in pursuing. I brought the measuring cup because I really enjoy cooking and baking. I think that it also represents how specific baking is and how it is almost like a science. It relates to my analytical nature. The final item I brought was a postcard. This represents my love for travel and learning about different cultures. I think it is very important that as educated Americans, we all have some sort of basis of other cultures. I find that when I go to a country, I enjoy immersing myself in the local culture as opposed to experiencing the typical touristy attractions.

I learned a lot about people through their objects. It was interesting to see what everyone brought in as well as why they brought the respective items. We were able to recognize many similarities between people based on the items that they brought in to share. As peers and group members, it was very important that we learn a little more about the people we are going to be working alongside.


  1. Charlotte, I am so glad you enjoyed the exercise. I love the connection you draw between science and baking, and I agree 100% about the importance of travel, especially for young people. That is a big reason why I joined the Peace Corps after college. Keep up the great work!

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