Week 3

This week we shared our brown bag items in class. I brought in a paintbrush, violin rosin and a shell. The paintbrush represented my love of the arts, but I actually don’t paint (I draw). The rosin is used to make the bow move smoothly across the strings of the violin, and it symbolized my dedication to music, which I have been playing for 12 years. And the shell represented my love of nature and the beauty in everyday objects. I like the beach and wish I had more opportunities to go. It was interesting to see what mattered to other people in our class through their objects.
I only had the chance to talk to one organization, Feeding Children Everywhere, and the Project Coordinator, Jarrod Fucci, said that he would be happy to send over a representative to talk to our class. But I also hope to contact Dane Shorter at the Feed the Hungry Pantry at the Village Baptist Church, which is a local organization that provides 100 lbs of food for more than 1,000 families every month.
It is very important to have a mission statement so that the community can easily identify your objectives and priorities. Informing people is the first step in getting them to join your cause.


  1. Annelise, I’m glad you are seeing the value of having a clear mission statement. Sounds like you and Hunger Heroes are well on your way- great work!

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