Week 2

During our second week of philanthropy, we were all divided into our teams. I got both children and youth services and family care. While I was disappointed not to get my top choice, I am still very happy with what I got. Children and Youth Services was my second choice but I hadn’t really thought about choosing family care. Despite this, I think there are a lot of ways in which we can help organizations in these categories. My group is Amanda, Chase, Carly, My’Asja, Katie, and Erika. When we met as a group, we mainly discussed fundraising ideas. Katie already had some great ideas about ways we can fundraise and even had an idea of an organization we could donate to. We’re still looking at other organizations but the organization we’re considering is the Ednar Runner Tutorial Center for underprivileged youth. Katie’s fundraising idea was to have some kind or art show where we would collect artwork from places like foster homes and orphanages and display them. The proceeds would then go to whatever organization we decide on donating to. I’m excited to see what other ideas or group comes up with in the upcoming meetings.


  1. Great fundraising idea, Grace. You could take it one step further and partner with the kids to create the art together, then host a fun gallery night!

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