Week 3~ Kathleen Walsh

Cold Calling.
They must call it cold for a reason. My Dad told me about when he was first worked in sales and how he had to cold call people on a daily basis. Let’s just say his expereience was less than thrilling. As I watched Wolf Of Wallstreet for the first time this weekend, I was also presented with a fine case of cold calling finese, ala Mr. Leonardo DiCaprio. However, I was unable to work up the courage to actually cold call someone. I’m quite dissapointed in myself actually. I dialed the phone number and then just chickened out mid ring. Maybe its because I didnt quite know how to pitch ideas, or maybe its beacuase calling up the CEO of any company is daunting. But I do feel as if our group needs to get together more often, because as of right now, we are not looking too great. We have a great idea but we really need to get to spearheading it, which I hope to do at today’s meeting.


  1. Hi Katie – great blog post! Maybe your Dad has some pointers for you? Also, cold-calling DOES get easier with practice as you get more comfortable with your script. And chances are, you’ll just get someone’s voicemail message. Try, try again!

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