Week 2

This week in Philanthropy Club we were assigned our groups. I was put in the group hunger. I’m actually very excited about my placement. Hunger was my third choice on my list, because I have not had much experience with it, but I think that it will be cool to expand my horizon and get involved with new non-profits. Hunger is such a prominent issue in all societies, and I think that it is a very worthy cause. Hunger can affect anyone, children, women, and men, and it is important for people to help to fight it. I am also very excited about my group. In my group there is Ali, Annelise, Charlotte, Taylor, Logan and Dylan. Charlotte came up with a lot of great names for our group, some of which include Hunger Heroes, Hunger Healers, Hunger Helpers, and Food Fighters. I think that our group is between Hunger Heroes and Food Fighters. Also I find out that Annelise and Charlotte have already participated with a non-profit to help fight hunger, which I thought was pretty cool. They have volunteered with the non-profit Feeding Children everywhere, which works to package and send out nutritious meals all over the world. I think that this non-profit might be a good one to consider getting involved with. I am very excited to see what my group can do to make a difference.

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