Week Two

Today marks the end of week two and with no time for delay, we have already organized into our groups. Although I was happy to find out that I was put into the “Social Justice and Civil Rights” group, I was even more exuberant when I heared Veronica Weiss, a good friend of mine, was also put in my group.  I truly respect and admire Veronica for her comprehensive understanding of current issues and her confident and well-formulated opinions that come with her understanding.  I know she is passionate about many issues, especially those evolving social justice and civil rights, so I knew that she would be an especially helpful member to our group. With this news, I was excited to begin. I knew that no matter what non-profit organization we chose, we would put all our efforts into accomplishing our monetary goals.  I knew dedication was not the issue but selection. With the all the organizations to choose from, I knew we would have a hard time deciding.  Although once we finally do select the organization, I know one of the hardest parts will be behind us. I am looking forward to this rewarding experience and I am excited to learn more  from our wise mentors.


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