First Week

I believe it is a universal goal of people to want to make a lasting impression in this world, before they die.  For me at least, by the end of my life, I want to die knowing, I was able to add something to this world, progress it in some way or do something that benfitted the lives of people better. Early on, I knew this was one of my long-term goals, but I didn’t know where to start or what I wanted to do. Coming from a priveledge family, I did not have to struggle. In a sense, I was deprived of  certain life lessons. I did not need to get a job and I especially did not have to learn how to deal with people. I lacked ambition and foundation. To be able to change this world, one  has to get other people to join his or her cause. It  can’t be done alone. However, I have yet learned how to inspires others or  to find my motivating passion. Although by joining this club, I feel that I took a step in the right direction. I am excited to learn, to aquire more leadership and to make a difference with my own efforts for once. I think by the end of this club, I will get crucial experience as well as self-satisfaction from these  microcosmic achievments  which will root me for my future endeavors.
After the first week of this club, I was left very excited. Unfortunately, with all the problems in the world, it is difficult to narrow in on a cause. It is slightly  overwehlming; However, with the help of our mentors/ ambassadors, we were able to narrow down our picks to three issues.  I discovered three issues which I felt attached too, that I could become pasionate for.  I felt I learned a lot about myself. It is truly extraordinary what a simple assignment can achieve. When I picked my three issues, I realized that my decisions had much to do with my own family and my experiences.  Thinking about my grandma and my handicapped nephew, I realized I am passionate about physical and mental disability as well as elder care. I also had an inclination towards social justice and civil rights. Before this assignment,  I didn’t really know what I stood for.  Yet, now I am starting to get a better idea about my beliefs and convictions.

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