Blog Entry Week 1

I really enjoyed the first week of the course. I thought the MAD card activity that we completed really showed the multitude of realms for which one may become passionate about. I thought that it was interesting to see what everyone picked and why. I also really enjoyed the videos we watched that showed how such a simple idea can ultimately lead to a non-profit with a powerful impact.

In the card activity, I chose Hunger, Research and Education, and People with Disabilities. I have had a lot of experience in the past working in these realms and it didn’t surprise me very much when I heard my mother’s top 3 were very similar. She and I both put an emphasis on science-based and medical categories as well as education. Even though I narrowed my cards down to three, I know that all represent important categories that should not be overlooked or under-appreciated.

In the future, I hope to learn many things from this course. I hope to learn all about fundraising and the most efficient ways to do so, as well as what it takes to actually start a non-profit organization. Hopefully by the end of this program, we all will have made impacting contributions to our local community and have inspired others to do the same.

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