Blog Entry- Week 1

I’m very glad that I joined the Philanthropy Club. I thought it was difficult to narrow down the MAD cards, because I felt that there were too many great causes to choose one in particular. I really struggled to narrow it down to just three, but I ended up choosing hunger, children and youth services, and animal rescue. I choose these three not only because I felt that they were all worthy causes, but also because I have previous experience with all three. I┬ávolunteered multiple times at soup kitchens and Camp Sunshine through the sleep away camp that I used to go to . Camp Sunshine is a camp for children with terminal illnesses and their siblings. Overall though, I decided that my top would be the animal rescue because I am already very involved with A Second Chance Animal Rescue, and I am passionate about the cause. I grew up with a dog, and I have always loved animals. But, I would also like to expand my horizons and try to get involved with other non-profits as well.Through the club I am hoping to learn more about the meaning of philanthropy, and learn various ways to get involved in making my community a better place.

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