Week 7

This week we didn’t have much time to do things because of the impending midterms and truckload of work. The 3 Natives day made $124, and the manager generously donated more to give us $300! Partnering with businesses is really a great way to help both your cause and your community. Now 3 Natives has even more Benjamin exposure and they have helped end hunger.

We have officially decided on Feeding Children Everywhere as our organization of choice. We really would like to start a Hunger Project at our school, which would be a way to have the most impact on the school community despite the fundraising and awareness limitations. If we can host the project at school in the gym, we can invite all the students and faculty to come help us. We raised $1,910 so far, and when Main Street Philanthropy matches it, this will let us package about 16,000 meals for the hungry. The best part is we can choose where to send the food, anywhere from local neighborhoods to Africa or South America.

Hopefully, we can continue to fundraise throughout the winter break. If so, we can probably boost our numbers even more. I’m looking forward to hearing from the mother-daughter philanthropist team this week!

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