Week 6 and 7

From week six to now, I have been very busy (mainly with school but also philanthrophy) and was not able to blog. However, I now have time now to catch up. Our group has gone through a lot of changes since my last post. Our biggest change was changing our group’s focuss. We originally wanted to do something with organizations that focussed on social justice and civil rights. However, due to my friend’s recent passing, we decided to switch our focuss to organizations that assist in preventing suicide. In this way, we can show love towards our friend as well as help others. During this thanksgiving break, we were also able to finalize our mission statement and vision statement. We also started planning our fundraising. We decided we wanted to at least raise 300 dollars but our goal is 1,000. We decided to approach our fundraising by seekig out the assistance of local businessess. We were able to set up a donation box at Jupiter donuts (a great place to get delicious donuts) and I called seven businesses in a row for the same effort. The calls were great practice and I felt my communication skills improved through the repititious calling. In addition to the donation box, we also plan to have a meeting with Pelican carwash tomorrow to see if they can assist us as well. Besides, these efforts, I am going to set up a facebook page to spread awareness to our cause and see if we can get donations. One of our teachers, also suggested that we do a letter campaign: I think we are going to try that as well and see how successful it is.

During week seven, we had another panel of organizations enter our classroom. In this run, one of the organizations I emailed was present: it was a member of the Florida Suicide Prevention Coalition. We really liked her presentation and are seriously thinking about picking her organization for our project.

In reflection of these last few weeks, I feel I had grown. Through having to make many calls and organize meetings for our philanthropic efforts, I feel I am gaining more confidence and security with communicating to business (which is a skill I never had to use before). In addition, I learned in important lesson. I originally thought that these business would not be so willing to help out and I had a fear of being rejected (afterall its a weird thing to ask others to give money when they do not know who you are). However, after I made my calls, I realized how supportive these business are. I learned in important lesson in the dangers of coming to conclusions to soon.

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