Week 5

Our fifth week was mainly a catch-up week. We further researched the organizations we were considering and at the end of the class, submitted the phone numbers for organizations we were considering as our non-profits. We also did some cold-calling to invite heads of these non-profits to come and speak at our two panels that would occur in the following two weeks. I mainly worked on analyzing the 990’s during this class. I read the 990’s for each of the organizations my group was considering and found the ratios. These were used to compare the statistics of the organizations and to find the ones that had the best use of their money. This is important because 990’s show what organizations use their money most efficiently and having the panelists come in gives a better idea of what the non-profit does and is all about. I think having the panelists come in makes it a lot easier to pick our final non-profit.

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