Week 6

The panelists this week were very instructive and offered a lot of great information about nonprofits that I hadn’t known before. I was also surprised and pleased to see that they considered themselves all part of the same mission, improving the lives of people in their community and the world community.

Our group made great progress this week. Charlotte and I secured a deal with 3 Natives that will help promote their business while also fundraising money to help our cause. It was somewhat nerve wracking talking to the manager Anthony, but he was very eager to meet with Charlotte and quite generous. On Friday, December 5, from 3-5pm, all of 3 Natives’ profits from the Chronic Acai Bowl will go to our group! We are very excited about this development and hope that we can get as much support from the student body as possible. So we are going to make an announcement in assembly and put up flyers around the school to raise awareness of the event. Also, I have been asking some family friends for donations, and everyone is very eager to donate. It is quite opportune that this program falls around Thanksgiving, perhaps one of the most generous holidays. Everyone seems to be in the giving spirit.

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